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Siesta - Weatherboards and Rainwater

Many home owners are now turning their attention towards the fascia and soffit boards on their property which are in constant need of repair or re-painting. Siesta Windows are specialists in cladding or replacing your old rotten timber. Our workmanship is continuously vetted and guaranteed for 10 years.

The range available is extremely versatile, with a wide range of profiles for vertical and diagonal designs, as well horizontal applications. In a choice or brilliant white or conker brown, you can create a stylish effect which will maintain its attractive appearance for years. To complement our range of PVCu, we offer a wide range of guttering. Our designer will discuss all of the available options to suit your property.


Weatherboards are designed to throw out from the face of the door any rain-water that runs down the door when it is raining. There are two basic types of weather board (though many more individual designs). The traditional weatherboard is basically a Hat piece of limber with bevel led edges screwed or nailed across the face of the bottom rail of the door.

Modern weatherboards are substantial pieces of timber moulded into a suitable shape and are often known as weather-bars. These may be cither attached on to the face of the bottom rail or tongued-and-grooved in place. They have a drip groove to stop water creeping under the weatherbar.

Traditional weatherboards are the most vulnerable to damage. They may break away from the face of the door quite easily due to their flimsy shape. Both types are likely to decay if they are left unprotected they should be painted or varnished.

Door sills

Door sills (sometimes called thresholds) serve three purposes:

•  They provide a weatherlight finish at the base of the door
•  They assist the weatherboard in directing water away from the face of the door and from the face of the  house
•  They form a solid edge to the floor construction in the door opening.

Nowadays, it is common practice to build a door frame with an integral sill. The most suitable woods are the durable hardwoods such as oak and leak, but these are expensive and other, cheaper woods may also be used.

There are a number of different door sill designs. The most usual arrangement is to have a rebated sill (to take the door) and a water bar to stop the water getting in under the sill. Some doors use a different arrangement with the sill sealed on its underside with mastic and fitted with a drought excluder instead of a rebate.

The Boards

Here comes the nice bit. You have the choice of three different designs for the main bargeboards and fascia boards. Square jumbo has a neat square edge to it, ‘Ogee’ has a detail feature that gives it a bit of flare and Bullnose (which doesn’t have a ring in it) has a smooth rounded lower edge. The soffit board can be made up in a variety of styles but Siesta Windows has to take into account the amount of ventilation required into the roof void. The point where your roof meets the outer walls of your house is called the roofline.

Wood Effect Boards

If you don’t fancy white there’s now a limited range of wood effect boards to liven up your tired old roof. Remember, if you just must have a timber texture to your boards then Timbrex is the range for you.

Why Choose Siesta?

As well as the beauty, shape and finished, you have the decision concerning a variety of opening styles, it is possible to choose even better energy efficiency glass and indeed you can make them more resistant to intruders.

The set up of double glazing or triple glazing helps to reduce outside noise, draughts and supplies security and comfort,  we also provide great insulation.

We’re proud to be FENSA (Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme) registered.

  • Chas Registered
  • Members of Fensa
  • Small deposit required on most orders
  • Superb after sales service
  • Reinforced frames
  • A “no quibble” guarantee
  • We are delighted with our new Siesta front door, side panel and window, a job very well done and admired by friends & neighbours" - Arfon & Meryl
    ~ Swansea