Guardian Warm Roof Transform Family with Disabled Children 

Guardian Warm Roof Transform Family with Disabled Children 

Guardian Warm Roof Transform Family with Disabled Children 

Guardian Warm Roof from Siesta Life-Changing for Family with Disabled Children 

When Pam Gleave first put up her conservatory fifteen years ago, she had no idea that the room would eventually be transformed into a care space for her disabled children. 

The farmhouse, which Pam had lived in for 27 years prior, was unsuitable for easy wheelchair access. To make her children more comfortable and make caregiving easier, she moved them into the conservatory.  

This brought on a whole different set of problems. The room was freezing cold in the winter and boiling hot in the summer. The family was spending too much time and money trying to keep the room at a suitable temperature. 

For Pam and her children, Siesta’s installation of a Guardian Warm Roof proved to be just the solution her family needed to make the conservatory appropriate for childcare.

Temperature control 

One of the biggest improvements a Guardian Warm Roof can make is in the climate control of a particular room. These roofs are made to be extremely thermally efficient and guarantee a comfortable space all year long. 

This brought immediate relief to Pam and her family, who mentioned that on a typical summer day they’d have to have multiple fans plugged into power outlets around the room just to try to keep it cool. 

Her new Guardian Warm Roof kept her family cool and her wallet full, as she also saved money on any heating and cooling measures she would have needed to take with the old roof.

Guardian Warm Rof

Quick and Easy Installation 

Pam did her research about what kind of roof she needed, and ultimately decided on a Guardian Warm Roof because of its reputation for being cost-effective and the positive reviews she saw online. 

The Siesta Home Improvement Centre stepped in to help provide the Gleave family with the space they needed to care for their disabled children. 

Our dedicated and experienced installation team removed the old roof and installed the new Guardian Warm Roof as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

The installation took just three weeks, which is incredibly quick for a conservatory as large as the one at the Gleave family farmhouse. Here’s what Pam had to say about our work:

“With such a huge project, we expected it to take a lot longer. Siesta came in and did the Guardian Warm Roof within three weeks, and to be honest, it just blew us away from start to finish. Three weeks for such a huge roof! We can only say amazing things about it.” 

– Pam Gleave

To Find Out More… 

We at Siesta Home Improvement Centre are so happy that we were able to assist Pam and her family and create a space they’d be happy to live and grow in. 

If you and your family are interested in upgrading your home to a Guardian Warm Roof, then our team at Siesta are just the people to help. 

Contact us to discuss your home’s unique needs and get a bespoke quote, or use our online quoting engine for an instant price! 

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